The new MOD-4100 represents a breakthrough in crude oil on-line analysis by determination of Crude Density, Concentration of Salt, Hydrogen Sulphide and Water using one single analyzer system. The analyzer comes installed in outdoor stainless steel enclosure and is equipped with an integral sample conditioning system.

System Advantages

On-line quality analysis of crude oil is important because this allows the crude to be evaluated as to potentially corrode equipment and pipeline. Furthermore, since crude oil is expanding in world’s energy balance, the requirement to accurately measure all main quality parameters such as density, concentration of salt, hydrogen sulphide and water, is growing.

The sample probe is extracted anywhere along the pipeline from well head to refinery, and rapid on-line analysis allows prompt corrective action when there are unacceptable levels of quality parameters.

The Analyzer System is supplied on a basis of «Package concept» — inspected and tested by the factory, ready for immediate installation on-site. No analyzer shelter is required, so the low maintenance requirements reduce ownership costs to a minimum.

Measuring Ranges (selectable):

  • 0-3000 kg/m3 Density
  • 0-1000 mg/L Salt
  • 0-1000 ppm H2S
  • 0-4% Water

On-line Analytical System is a complete equipment set, which allows performing the following tasks in real time mode under field conditions:

  • Continuous sampling crude oil from pipeline or process vessel, its filtration and separation from solid particles
  • Sample preparation for analysis of physical and chemical parameters according to specifications of analytical devices (incoming gas temperature, pressure, flow rate etc.)
  • Analysis of critical oil parameters, which are necessary for assessment of its quality and suitability for processing, transportation and use
  • Transfer of analysis results to customer’s control room using electronic media