5346971039Advantages of Electric Tracers

  • Maintains freeze protection, close temperature tolerances or viscosity control.
  • Excellent for maintaining long, continuous lengths of impulse lines and piping at consistent temperatures.
  • Good for situations where steam is not available or steam supply could be interrupted, such as during shutdowns.
  • Complete design package — we’ll provide engineering support and failure mode analysis, plus we’ll recommend accessories that may be required and whether a thermostat will be needed.
  • Materials — chloride-free urethane jacket, self regulating and constant watt cables as well as mineral insulated and resistance wire tracers, heat shrink boots and nonhygroscopic insulation provide you with the highest quality materials for a superior package.
  • Availability of materials — In-stock seamless stainless steel and Monel allow us to respond fast to your quick delivery requirements.
  • Tracers are approved for use in hazardous areas by standards and approval agencies around the world.