9232386235МОДЕЛЬ MOD-100

The Modcon MOD-100 Coalescer Filter was developed to provide reliable and efficient fuel and lubricating oil filtration system for mostly petroleum analyzer applications. It is used for separating water from insulating oil, jet fuels, diesel fuels, kerosene and gasoline. According to petroleum production standards the amount of water in fluids should be kept low concentrated. Water droplets causes turbidity for that reason it is advisable to carry out a mechanical separation for the water droplets before the on-line analysis.

Principle Operation

The element filters solids but mainly also causes small droplets of free water to coalesce into big droplets and drop to the bottom of the filter housing from which it is lately drained.  The outer media layer filters out silt, rust and other particulate contaminants. The inner layers absorb water and chemically bond it so that no water will release downstream.


  • Effectively filters silt and other particulates
  • Removes free and emulsified water to less than 5 ppm
  • Water removal by means of sedimentation.
  • Does not affect oil additives

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for easy maintenance and change of filter element
  • Secured sealing achieved by high quality Viton O-ring on filter body and housing cap.
  • Housing cap is made of Stainless Steel durable for high pressure streams.

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