2167525041SITRANS CV is the consequent advancement of a micro process chromatograph based on MEMS technology to a calorific value (CV/BTU) analyser with high performance. The analyser can be used also in rough environment because of its rugged and compact design. The unique multiple and in-line analytical functions open up new possibilities and provide shorter analysis times.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Fast analysis through innovative MEMS technology
  • Precision through valveless live injection
  • High separation performance through narrow-bore capillary columns
  • Low detection limits through powerful detectors
  • High linearity over the measuring range saves expensive calibration gases
  • Easy and safe operation using CV Control
  • Automatic optimization of methods increases availability
  • Can be mounted directly at the sample extraction point because only a single auxiliary gas and very little electrical power is required
  • Low operation costs through modular design and low power consumption
  • System solutions and service worldwide

«SITRANS CV provides all information to the natural gas quality and its physical properties such as calorific value and density, which are required for manifold applications in the natural gas industry, especially for fiscal energy measurement.»